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Workshops, Camera Clubs and 365 Projects

I attended a landscape photography workshop at the end of last month. It was very interesting dedicating a whole day to taking photographs around various locations in the Peak District. One shot from that session is in the attached set of photos – it’s the only one with the blue sky – we were very lucky with the weather.

In my quest to try and improve my photography, I looked for photography club to join and went to one as a guest a couple of times before becoming a member. I’ve seen 3 very good inspiring talks so far and I’m looking forward to taking part more.

I’ve started a 365 project. The goal to take a photo every day for a year and share it. Today is day 20. Those images make up the rest of the ones attached to this post. Some days have been harder than others – but I hope to get into the swing of it and start planning shots more.