I’ve been taking photos for around fifteen years but how can I measure the quality of my photographs or my ability and quantify any change?

I recently watched a video by Scott Kelby about critiquing your own work and one of his suggestions was to create a portfolio of your best images – with a maximum of around 24 images in there. Then try to be taking photographs better than that selection and only put better ones in there and remove older ones as you go.

That seemed like a good idea. I’ve started creating mine at http://portfolio.davewild.com – I’ve not completed my first pass of photos yet so it’ll take me some time to build up a starting selection. It is definitely not finished – it’s barely started!

What was apparent when starting this task though is that my 2018 eyes can see a lot more faults with my photos than I could see when I took them.

A lot of my photos are primarily memories and quality wasn’t the first thing on my mind when I took them.

I’ll continue to share photos with friends and contacts on Facebook, Flickr and Instagram, but I’m going to be thinking more and trying harder to take photos that are worthy of pulling out into a portfolio.

As an aside, I use Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography Plan and that comes with a portfolio site. I could have done it on WordPress, but the Adobe site has the benefit of syncing with Lightroom (actually Lightroom Classic or CC – both use Adobe’s cloud) – so it keeps it all visible and easy to change.

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